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Thursday, June 9th, 2022 10:29 PM

Outdoor camera


I noticed you are running a 40%off sale. Would this apply if I were to order an outdoor camera and add it to my existing system?



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2 years ago

@dyrag81058  I am not with SS, a customer like you, but can say the 40% off is for a system and not "add ons" to existing systems. There are, at times, some crazy sales at Best Buy, that can be very attractive.  I have two friends who went in together earlier this year to buy a system for 349 and included two outdoor cameras, with a base, keypad, and other components.  They each took one camera, split the rest of the sensors to expand their systems and the base is sitting in one of their basements.  With 4th of July coming up may be worth looking then.

Right now its 399, not on sale



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Great, thanks for the info! I will keep my eyes open. I wasn’t aware the system and accessories were available outside of the company.

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