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Monday, April 27th, 2020 5:40 PM

Ordering Additional Components

I just ordered a SimpliSafe system for my home, and have been thinking of expanding it to cover my smoke alarms as well. I returned to the SimpliSafe website, clicked Shop Now, and added a smoke alarm to the cart, but now the cart is complaining that I don't have a system.

Can I only order directly through SimpliSafe if I'm buying a new system? If so, where is the most affordable place to buy additional components? Amazon has them $15 more than SimpliSafe's website.

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4 years ago

Log into your account first and then look for expand my system.

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4 years ago

Once logged in, and during the checkout process, if you get that "you appear not to have a system" (or something to that effect), ignore it, there should be a button below that to proceed with the checkout - if not, call SS and order by phone.

Best Buy sells individual components, but not everything, you just have to watch their site and see what they have available.  Often, they have sales on the simplicams.

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4 years ago


SimpliSafe website > Shop Now > Add Sensors (at the bottom of the Shop Now page)

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4 years ago

I'm not sure if Best Buy sells smoke and CO sensors, but they do sell a lot of other sensors.  I have another siren coming from them this afternoon.  It was the same price as the siren on the SS page and I did not have to pay for delivery.

I think that there might be a 15% off coupon out there for the SS right now.  It might be SAVEFIFTEEN or something like that.  The only problem with coupon codes is that you have to carefully watch how much you're charged.  It will look like they took off the percent but then you will get charged the full amount and have to call in to get it taken care of.  I've never had an order from them with a coupon code that wasn't screwed up.  This includes getting charged the full amount on my initial system that I purchased for 50% off during the Black Friday sale last year.
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