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Wednesday, August 19th, 2020 9:57 PM

Missing Part

There is nothing as frustrating as buying a camera and outdoor kit only to discover you are missing a part and cannot complete the installation.  To make matters worse, try to find a "Replacement Part" area on the SimpliSafe website.  You won't find it!!!  So I spent over $500 on a system that offers no replacement parts and I have a camera that is useless because somebody forgot to put it in the box.  

I get that mistakes happen but what is the deal with not offering parts.  Feels a lot like thanks for buying out stuff, but if something goes wrong just buying the items all over again.  Not feeling good about my choice right now.



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4 years ago

@daverossi1 no camera in the box yes I would be very upset. Have you asked SS to replace it? What did SS say after you contacted them?
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