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Thursday, January 6th, 2022 8:52 PM

How to become a SimpliSafe Customer

Has anyone else experienced this...

I recently tried to become a SimpliSafe customer and had the following:

  • I customized my system and saved progress. Upon returning and clicking on the link in my email it brought me to an empty cart. Nothing was saved. No way to retrieve any of it.
  • I decided to simply build my order and not worry about the system builder. I added all of the items to my cart and tried to checkout. I was unable to get to the billing screen. It would only reload on itself. I double and triple checked my inputs and data. I checked the browser console and did not see any errors. I could not checkout.
  • I called to reference the issue to see if I was doing something wrong. The agent on the phone helped me by taking my order over the phone. She added everything and read it back to me to confirm. I checked off my list at my desk, all looked good. She placed my order.
  • I received no invoice or sales receipt. I created my account with the same email I gave to the agent on the phone. I was hoping to see and review my order. When I signed in there were no orders (in app or web app). Nothing.
  • I reached out to support and received a canned response. I know it's canned, because they still, to this day, continue to send me the same canned response (as if they have never received any support messages from me). They told me to check my account online for my orders, even after I told them I couldn't access. I provided screenshots.
  • Shipping took longer than expected. Understandable during the holidays. I received a SimpliSafe shipment, only it was for a customer in NJ (I received package and packing slip with his name/address on it). Still nothing for my own order.
  • I received my shipment, only to find that 3 items were missing from the order. This is what I wanted to check in the first place while asking for an invoice or sales receipt.

Customer support has been abysmal. I haven't seen the same support agent name twice in the email signature, and continue to receive the canned responses. They keep telling me to call, but I refuse to wait on their support hold for issues that are all of their own doing. Why do they not have any support ticket mechanisms where I can send them the documentation in a single communication thread? 

As my wife put it, "Are you sure you want to trust our security to a security company that has gotten all of this so wrong?"

Then again, maybe I am the unlucky one out of a sea of happy customers.

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2 years ago

FWIW, rarely have I been on hold for more than a few minutes. I have never had much luck with e-mailing or chatting with entities that offer it, so i can't speak for anything except this board or calling.

Your equipment should have included a packing list, and noted any backordered items, smoke detectors and outdoor cameras and outdoor kits for indoor cameras are some of the oft backordered things according to post.

What are you missing?

We tried to order on line and experienced issues like you describe, also the cart was incorrectly accruing the discount ... which was fixed by calling. Ultimately due to some local events accelerating the need we purchased locally.

The system is far from perfect, in fact it is a bit fiddly but no one else offerers the various extra sensors like water and temp that SS does. At least not in a DIY package. 

If i had not wanted those - another system would likely have won out.

I guess you have to make your decision based on your experience, I'm not completely dissatisfied, but also am not sure I made the right call. <shrug>

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@krstrick​ - Thanks for the insight.

When I did my online order I had added an outdoor camera and a smoke detector. Both said the limit was 1 due to supply chain shortage. The cart had them represented and no information on backorder.

When I called the agent told me she could get me 2 outdoor cameras (I was looking to get 3). I said that would be great. She did not mention anything about a backorder. They just had limitations per customer.

My packing list showed no representation of the items at all. As mentioned, I have no invoice or sales order, so I had no way to see my original order.

I share in your sentiments about the other sensors - would be nice to have a cohesive unit of devices.

Again, thanks for the honest input and feedback. Much appreciated.



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2 years ago

I can't speak for SS, but I'm so sorry you had such an awful time getting your system and then find missing components.  We haven't had hardly any complaints on the forum for awhile about SS's prior dismal handling of orders, shipping and not informing customers if an item(s) is out of stock - that went on for a few years, and especially over holidays, but then, it also progressed to an almost every-day occurrence for quite awhile.  Perhaps it's a combination of things at SS (covid, short staffed, vacations, weather, etc) - but none of it excuses the process that seems was screwy from start to finish.

I would advise calling them back with your concerns, and also getting them to get your account up-to-date with your order(s)/invoice and make sure everything else is also updated.  It's really handy to be able to see orders etc on the online account, as well as the invoices.  

Also, please check with your local dispatch and get the phone number from them and make sure you compare it to what SS has on file (confirm this with SS over the phone).  There is a difference for some people regarding city vs county, for example, and the last thing you want is for there to be a discrepency between the number of your local dispatch and the number that SS has on file.  You can also download or print out a certificate for your home insurance company from your account page, in the event your insurance company offers discounts for a home security system (i.e., burglar alarms).

Typically, SS prefers phone calls from customers, and it's been this way for a few years, rarely do people get much email discussion with SS concerning any issues.  For what it's worth, the best time to call is generally in the morning, when they open.

I hope you'll consider at least giving your system a try, if it's SS3, I think you'll find it's worth the investment - of course there can be issues (as with all security systems), but for the most part, SS does try to improve where necessary.  Post on the forum if you have questions etc, or call SS, the majority of the customer service folks really are helpful and great people.

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@coltmaster1​ - Appreciate the response. I understand the holidays, staffing, and supply chain all have impacts on the process. I do not envy the companies having to deal with this. However, I simply expect honesty on expectations.

My issue with calling is I have already been on hold several times. The only time I wasn't on hold was when I placed my initial order. I agree, the agent I spoke with was a wonderful lady and was very helpful. 

My issue with calling them is that I'm using my time to wait for errors that are all of their doing. It may sound weird, but I believe they should be calling me and not the other way around. Don't force me to wait on hold for issues that are all of your own doing, and are not due to any errors on my end. And, the number of issues I've experienced with them in such a short amount of time - again - none of which I can fix or troubleshoot. They are all related to their operations and systems.

I'd much rather have an email record of all of my interactions, and not just phone calls. That initial phone call led to all of these issues. I talked to an agent, assumed everything was correct (though I couldn't see it), and went about my way. If I could deal with this via a real support ticket, then both myself and the agent could be reviewing the same shared documents and information. Visibility to both sides to review and bring up any issues or questions. Phone calls simply aren't adequate to deal with the support issues. I tried the phone, and the phone is where they got it wrong. I want a trail of records for my own keeping. I understand phone might be more convenient for them, but it's horribly inconvenient for an asynchronous support thread where I also need to upload documents to them as well.

At this point, there have been so many red flags that I don't feel comfortable moving forward with them. If this is the experience I would have, should a real issue arise, then it doesn't speak well for them. I don't feel like SS is readily available to handle the issues.

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2 years ago

Hi nateklaiber,

I want to echo the sentiment of our community members. We sincerely apologize, this is absolutely not an acceptable experience. I'm prepared to do whatever I can to turn this around for you. From what you mentioned, there are three major, separate issues that you encountered:

The first is with trying to order the system in the first place. It sounds like you might have encountered an issue with our website, which wasn't able to track the items that should be in your cart. Do you happen to have an AdBlocker enabled? That sometimes can get in the way.

But I'm glad that we were able to get the order processed over the phone. The problem there is that you did not receive an invoice. And when you tried to log in under your email, there was no info on the account for you regarding your system or your order history.

SInce the order was processed over the phone, what I suspect happened was that the agent might have typed in your email address incorrectly. That's simple to correct, though I'll need to request a call ticket for you to get it done. Keep an ear out for that call!

As for those missing items - we should have denoted on the website at the time of ordering which items are currently out of stock and/or backordered. Currently those are:

  • Smoke Detector
  • Wireless Outdoor Camera
  • Outdoor Camera Solar Panel Accessory

The packing slip would of course list only the items included in this package. If you have backordered items, they will ship separately. But all items purchased would be listed on the invoice. When we get you access to your account info, you can check all of that info as well.

Again, our deepest apologies for your experience. A senior agent should be reaching out soon to take care of you.


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1 year ago

This was never resolved, and SimpliSafe had since messed up my email in their system, which resulted in me needing to create a new account - I had no way to rectify the issue due to the chicken/egg scenario of email and session access.

Not only was this not resolved properly, but I have never been able to complete an order via their website (I have another thread on this topic). I've tried on multiple occasions. My only recourse is to call support (chat has not proven useful in any context). Most recently on hold for 40 minutes with no resolution.

The only thing left to do is to find a different Vendor. I liked much of what SimpliSafe had to offer, but if I can't buy a battery for my camera (resulting in downtime of security features), then that's a critical issue from my perspective.

Again, sharing for anyone who is or may have encountered these issues.

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