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Monday, January 10th, 2022 9:16 PM


User Permissions

Can I create permission sets for different users? For example, I'd like to give someone permission to receive alerts/monitor our cameras but not be able to view/delete recordings, edit contact info ect. Would also like to know which user was arming/disarming the system. This is a feature of every other security system I've ever dealt with, and the kind of thing I can do on basically every tech product I own. 

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2 years ago

You cannot. Many many of us have asked SimpliSafe to add this functionality but they refuse to tell us if they're even considering it, much less whether it's being worked on or planned.

I urge you to regularly request this functionality here, via email and via their customer service line every so often. As you've suggested, this functionality exists in so many other products and it's ludicrous that a security company requires an entire family to use the same username/password to use the mobile app which also gives everyone full access to do everything including deleting sensors and cameras from the system.

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