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Thursday, May 30th, 2024 3:23 PM


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The pin code always disarm the system

Hi. I need the option to set a pin code for the entrance which won't disarm the system. My daughter is 5 years old and think that all people around her friends, that's why she is telling them everything including the pin code from door. I want that she be able to enter home, but  I need that this code doesn't disarm the system. Here is a huge reason why:

if she shared this code with someone else that person able to open our house and disarm the system at the same time and in best case we will be robbed, but what if it will happen at night while we are sleeping?! We can be killed, kids can be kidnapped!!! Without this option your system is useless and doesn't protect us!!! Please, create the option to choose if pin code disarm the system or not ASAP. 

Hope for your understanding, thank you.

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Separate PIN Codes for Smartlocks

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2 months ago

Hi @sandornemesny, 

The Smart Lock was designed to use the same PINs as the rest of your system so that when you unlock the door, the system also gets disarmed to help prevent potential false alarms. And whenever a system is disarmed, or the Smart Lock is unlocked, you get a push notification and recordings from your cameras (if you have any,) so you are never caught unaware.

But we have also submitted a feature request to our devs for a separate PIN that unlocks the Smart Lock only. We’ll bubble this back up to the team and provide an update in this thread if there is a change in the status of the request.

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Hi Emily.

The push notification won't wake me up, I sleep very deep. The Simplysafe won't react either, because the system was disarmed with a PIN code, so I can be caught unaware, and later you and the police will be able to see recordings from the camera, but it will be too late. I need this system to protect and prevent, not to make the investigation easier. I don't care if someone steals my TV during the day, but I need a safe place to rest. It is a huge weakness in your system!!! In the settings, we can create a PIN code for friends, house cleaners, etc., all that we need to add is the option to choose if it can disarm the system or not. Or remove the system disarming from the secondary Pin. 

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2 months ago

Thank you for the thread link, based on that I can see that this has been an outstanding issue for the last three years with no solution! I guess it is time to look for a better company...

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