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Sunday, March 17th, 2019 2:25 PM

Smart Garage Door Opener

Can you guys develop a garage door opener feature to add to the system?



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5 years ago

Wouldn't they pretty much have to develop the entire garage door system?  Which would be rather more difficult for DIY (one of their core design criteria)?  Or design a whole bunch of them to match with all the various systems out there, which would be prohibitively expensive?

Since they can't/won't even design a plug in module to turn on lights or a strobe during an alarm, I'm going to guess the answer is "NO".

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5 years ago

Just wondering what others have done.  We'd like to retrofit our garage door opener with a smart device.  Ideally it is something that would somehow takeover/integrate with the click opener, let us know what the garage door status is and when it changes, and allow us to close the garage door remotely.  Anybody have any suggestions?
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They are available on Amazon. I don't recall the name (Chamberlain comes to mind)  so can't help you there.  They use their own app and will not integrate with your SS system.

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I ordered the myQ system for my garage door, the app is free and works well with the device which is easy to install. It allows you to log in at any time and check the status of the door. I found mine on Amazon and it works with my Chamberlain opener.


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I have also using this similar feature in my garage door

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MyQ (Chamberlain) system missing major feature.

It only allows one account to use it.  Do I cannot setup my spouse to use the app to open/close the garage door, only I can do it.  Plus, it only works with Chamberlain's products.

I was using Garageio device, and it worked well.  However, the company was sold to another company, and the apps have moreorless died on the vine.

I switched to iSmartGate.  Easy to setup, connects in the path for your button control, so works with many garage door opener.  The door sensor is wireless, so less wires to string around.  And it integrates with Alexa, HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, and other networks, so I can set it up to automatically open the garage door as I am coming down the street.  

It doesn't integrate with SimpliSafe, but it does work well.

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   We have the McQ garage door opener with phone app, that shows the status of the garage door (opened/closed), and even allows me to open or close the garage door from my phone even when I'm not near it.

  Would like to see Simplisafe create something similar or be able to tie the systems together.

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4 years ago

I've been doing a lot of research on devices that connect to existing garage door openers or outdoor gate motors - like MyQ (Chamberlain), Nexx Garage, and others. I think these devices are cool, but it's just another app on my phone which isn't a part of my home ecosystem.  

These devices seem relatively simple and inexpensive. It would be nice to have a SimpliSafe version of these devices, so I can control and monitor the status of my garage door or gate from the SimpliSafe app, just like I can for the smart door locks.

Is this on the horizon for SimpliSafe? Do other users want a feature like this?
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While it would be nice to have everything in 1 app I don't feel its a necessity.  It only takes a moment to switch from one to the other.  So I doubt SS would ever come out with something like this.  But stranger things have happened so who knows.  :)



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2 years ago

Here's an interesting article on garage door security at the Simplisafe UK site:


Okay, great but on this side of the pond, at least, how about full, formal integration with SS3 and an Amazon like "Simplisafe Key"?  I currently have two entry sensors on my garage doosr mounted on hinges, set to alarm on home, secret alert on away (current settings would make alarm setting a PIA, pardon my French).  Works great but even if I install a Simplicam to add to my existing motion, its still kind of Rube Goldberg. I would like something better: a deluxe, Gucci Simplisafe approved, designed and seamlessly integrated garage coverage.

Hint hint: Davey, this is a great transition to introduce Mr. or Ms. Smith, Simplisafe product mgt who will be hosting the first SS online, live webinar on Feb xx (add the year 2022 so there is no misunderstanding) to get this proverbial ball rolling!! 

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2 years ago

We recently changed out old LiftMaster for a new one. Like everything these days, it comes with an app you can put on your phone. Great for when you have the old "o darn, did I close the garage door when I left" question. Pull up the app, it says whether the door is open or closed, if you left it open, you can close if right from your phone. (or open it for somebody you may want to let in the house you're talking to on the phone)

The app is MyQ.

It would be great if this could be made part of our Simplisafe system, just like any other door you may have in the house where you have a sensor installed.

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@jsw123​ Hey SimpliSafe, Chamberlain is waiting to hear from you: https://www.myq.com/works-with-myq

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2 years ago

I won't go through all the details on why, but I designed, built and installed my "SSSLGD" (SimpliSafe Smart Lock Garage Door) system. Please see attached diagram and photo. Its been up and running for about a week. Have fun! It was well worth my time.

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This is just great!

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6 months ago

I have the SimpliSafe system with about 35 devices installed.   I use the scheduled automatic arming of my system to turn on at night.   This gives the confidence that at my set hour, the door will be locked and the alarm system is activated.   Security!

The problem is this, I have a motion sensor in my garage.  If I have failed to remember to close the garage door prior to system activation, it will likely be tripped by movement during the night by a stray animal.  

So lieu of a solution from SimpliSafe, I also reluctantly added a Chamberlain MyQ to remotely operate my garage door.  It makes it easier, but that's still a step I must remember to do.

It sure would be nice if a link was established giving me and others the ability to allow SimplySafe to close the open door, lock entry doors, and secure everything in one automated step.

Chamberlain partners with many other companies to do similar functions.  It would appear that a bit of programming linking the APIs in the apps would be a delight to your customers and attract many new customers as well. 


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+1. I could definitely use said integration as well.

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3 months ago

Please add a garage door opener to Simplisafe or integrate MyQ.   It allows you to also schedule times where if the doors are open they will automatically close.  For example, each evening at 9pm, if the doors are open, they will automatically close.  This is helpful as family members often forget to close the garage doors, and there is a lot of theft from garages. 

Here is a link:  https://www.myq.com/products/smart-garage-control

MyQ Integrations (it already works with Vivent and Ring.  users can control it with their system apps for Vivent or Ring):    https://www.myq.com/works-with-myq 

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