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Thursday, October 6th, 2022 10:28 PM

SSSLGD: SimpliSafe Smart Lock Garage Door System

I won't go through all the details on why, but I designed, built and installed my "SSSLGD" (SimpliSafe Smart Lock Garage Door) system. Please see attached diagram and photo. Its been up and running for about a week. Have fun! It was well worth my time.

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2 years ago

@davedenmon It looks ingenious but, at least for me, you need to dummy it down a bit for me.  A $99 doorlock for keypad entry to your garage, or does it do more? Alarm the doors etc?  I used two entry sensors on Estsy creator's hindges that work well, but they don't actually integrate with the system of course. In home mode, they are set to instant trigger, for away mode secret alert only.  If you can provide additonal information it will be greatly appreciated.

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