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Wednesday, February 24th, 2021 9:08 PM


Simplisafe System Notifications (Feature Request?)

I recently got the Simplisafe system and have a question related to the notifications sent when the sensors are triggered.

From what I understand and have tested so far:
1) The Secret Alert mode in the Simplisafe system allows you to get an email, push, or SMS notifications if a sensor is triggered but doesn't sound the alarm.
2) Alarm mode for a sensor sends you a notification when an alarm is triggered but doesn't send a notification as soon as the sensor is triggered for that alarm (which means there is a 30-second delay or however much you configure in the app between a sensor is tripped and the notification is sent unless instant alarm option is set).

Is there a configuration I can choose which sends a notification as soon as the sensor is triggered and also sounds the alarm?

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3 years ago

Hi @ashutosh19993,

At this time, the ability to essentially receive the Secret Alert as well as trigger the alarm system is not an option. We've made sure to send this suggestion to our development team, but in the meantime, it may be helpful for you to set some of your sensors to Instant Trigger. Turning on this feature is useful for certain sensors that you want to skip the Entry Delay. As such, we don't recommend using this feature on primary entrance doors unless you always disarm your system with a Keyfob or the SimpliSafe app before entering your home.

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3 years ago

Just wanted to log in and leave a comment that I also think this feature that Asutosh mentions is what I'd llike to see as well. Getting a push notification whenever the sensor is triggered in Alarm mode would be really helpful so that if I'm in a far corner of my house I'm notified that I need to go disarm the system before the alarm is set off.
Please seriously consider the feature of adding the push notifications for this
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