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Tuesday, February 11th, 2020 2:06 AM


Mute or quiet confirmations on disarm (e.g., early in the morning)

At night, we put our alarm into HOME mode.
In the morning, I get up and get ready for work, and often leave before the house is awake.
I'd like to disarm the alarm, but not necessarily have the 'ALARM OFF' announced in the volume that it is.
Consider a keypad disarm code that disarms the alarm but only gives a visual confirmation (e.g., keypad confirmation, blinking base) for when you want to disarm in quiet/silent mode.

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Quiet Mode: Different alarm and volume settings during sleeping hours

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4 years ago

Do what i do on Saturday mornings when I get up early and dont want to wake up the wife and kids, i go in my app and go into settings and turn off the voice announcements and door chime then turn alarm off with app. Once i get out to my truck i go back into and turn the voice back on and door chime back on and its all back to normal, but make sure you save all changes each time. I do this every single Saturday morning i have to work. The wife appreciates it lol

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4 years ago

Lance, you should get some type of reward for your efforts my friend. :)

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4 years ago

@drunkpenquin, i should shouldn't i lol she making me work to hard to let them sleep in hahahahaha

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4 years ago

That's a good solution but Alan's request to have this built in is a good one.



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4 years ago

Another option: base is set to quiet for everything (no sound, no lights) and when the Mrs is sleeping, I just take the keypad with me into the hall, door closed and disarm it.  Quickly open the door and slide it back on the wall plate. Easy.  Yes, SS should put a sound volume feature in the app.
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