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Saturday, December 3rd, 2022 2:59 AM

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Motion sensor in mailbox

For kicks and giggles I wanted to know when the mail lady comes by so I put a motion sensor in the back of mailbox inside and put it on secret alert and wow that was awesome so now when she opens it up I get the alert and I have a camera that sees my driveway and the mailbox and I can check to see if it was here or someone else messing around, just thought I would share. Has anyone else done this before?



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2 years ago

@lance843 I tried and, alas, my metal mailbox made this impractical. If I put the sensor on the post and then removed the magnet, it worked fine.  yes, I could take it apart and try to attach a longer wirer and have it slip through a hole in the back of the mailbox but for what it would accomplish, not that ambitious.  Getting a bit less drive in my old age I guess. :-)

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