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Monday, January 2nd, 2023 4:33 AM



Motion Sensor - Alert-Only Mode

​Please add a mode for motion sensors to just register events like the cameras do. ​

​The application would be monitoring the area where I keep the safe and private documents. ​

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11 months ago


As @alexandria_c mentioned, it does sound like OP is looking for the Secret Alerts option, which can be configured for individual Entry, Glassbreak, and Motion Sensors. 

One thing we missed is that Secret Alerts is a feature of the Interactive Monitoring Plan, and the Self Monitoring with Camera Recordings Plan. For more info on available features, head over to the Help Center here.

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1 year ago

Hi @SrShanok 

Welcome to the community!

You might be able to accomplish this by setting up your motion sensors to be secret alerts. When they detect motion, you'll get a push notification.

You can learn more about this over at our help center.

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@alexandria_c​  My app on Android does not give the Secret Alert function. Only the standard 3 options for alarm mode. My app is up to date and my system has 1 month. 

Is this available through a special  test mode or only iOS perhaps ..? 

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@SrShanok​ You'll want to make sure you're tapping into each alarm mode first to access the additional options. For example, if you tap OFF, you'll see Secret Alert or Disabled as choices nested under that mode.

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