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Thursday, January 20th, 2022 12:23 AM


More than one Authorized user required

I just found out from a very nice phone call with your support staff, that my wife cannot have her own account to manage the mobile app with.  That the engineering team has decided that only one person can be responsible for managing access to the mobile app.

Respectfully - how narrow minded.  When you have two (or more) adults in the household, they each should be able to manage their own access to the mobile app.  Having to rely on an SMS sent to the main contact is extremely limited and a hindrance to mange the system with.

She needed access, but the mobile app decided she needed to be re-authenticated and it sent me the SMS authentication message.  I was not available to respond and manually forward the code to her for access.  In this case, luckily it wasn't an emergency.  Can you imagine if it was and she needed to look at camera's to determine the safety of our house or our pets and had to wait for me to be available.

You provide the space for two primary users to receive alarm alerts, it doesn't seem to far of a leap to have two users to access the mobile app with.

Like I said in the beginning, very narrow minded.  I am sure there was, at the time of the design a valid reason, but life is not always so narrowly focused to fit in an engineers box of assumptions.

As new users, yes, the system was very easy to use and setup, just as advertised, and we have overall been very happy.  I will hope there is a light at then end of this archaic tunnel, I would hate to be forced to cancel and return all the cool equipment because two adults cannot manage the systems.

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Official Solution

Community Admin


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2 years ago

Hello eandg,


Yes, as of right now, your SimpliSafe account is designed for a single-user login.

Multi-user login is a very popular request, and the more of us in the Community ask for it, the stronger our case will be for our dev team!


In the meantime, you can log into your SimpliSafe account on multiple devices under the same username (email) and password.

You can also set up Multi-Factor Authentication via SMS to be sent to different phone numbers. Here's how:

  1. On a device that's already logged in, open the SimpliSafe app.
  2. Navigate to Menu > Manage Account > Mutli-Factor Authentication, then follow the on-screen prompts to add a new Phone Number.

Then, whenever you need to log in again, and after entering your email and password, you can hit the arrow > to select which phone number you want to receive the confirmation code.




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2 years ago

Totally agreed. Running into the same issue here. 

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2 years ago

Good point.  We just bought into the SimpliSafe system but are thinking of switching to another company because my spouse cannot receive verification codes on her cell phone.

Community Admin


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We'd be sorry to see you go! But if you follow the instructions in my previous comment, you can set up MFA verification codes for multiple phone numbers.

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@drtank​ Problem solved. I discovered how to go to Manage Account and then select Mutli-Factor Authentication to add a second verification phone number.  Now both my spouse and I can choose either her phone number or mine to receive a verification code from the SimpliSafe site whenever it requires one of us to receive such a code.

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2 years ago

Still would be nice if passwords did not need to be shared. Give each user of a system their own logins into the app at least.

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2 years ago

Ridiculous.  I have the same issue.  Sharing the app works but it's up to who is first in the TCPIP pipeline as to who gets the push alerts.  It shows on the timelines but who watches that all day waiting for an alert? 

For no reason, Push, SMS and Email alerts stopped working.  Tech support and I went on for two hours last evening (2-9-22) resetting/removing/reactivating everything plus tech support pushing a base station upgrade without a full problem resolution.  Today, push notifications and camera motion detection started to work as expected.  It's not my internet speed either.  Not the fastest but 80Mb down and 12Mb up on average is well above the minimum threshold of 2Mb as is WIFI signal strength.  I'm on the 60-day fence regarding keeping this system and into this already for $1K. 

I have changed nothing and IMO, it's all a Simpli system server issue.  If proper operation of the system requires 100/1000 Mb fiber then so state it.

Better clean things up because negative feedback travels fast.

Community Admin


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Hi dfarrich,


Thanks for reporting. No, if you're logged into the same account on multiple devices, ALL devices should be getting the push notifications.


SMS and Email alerts are a different system, since they're sent directly from our server, rather than through the app (which is how push notifications work).


Though the one thing that they both have in common is that they relay the same info that appears on your Timeline. So if Timeline events are indeed showing up, then we know that your Base Station and cameras are working properly. The problem is, as you've speculated, likely on the other end - from our server to your device(s).


But it's also worth noting that we don't have reports of a widespread issue happening right now, so this might be isolated to just your account. So I've gone ahead and requested a call from a Specialist, so we can get to the bottom of it ASAP.

2 years ago

This is security 101 - never tell anyone your password, never share your account info, never log into someone else's device with your account.  Especially if it's a teenager's phone and you just want them to be able to arm/disarm without having any system config / billing access...

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