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Wednesday, November 24th, 2021 1:53 PM

More detailed control over which events can trigger alerts

@Davey Would it be possible to add an option for SMS Alerts for system disarmed/armed only rather than get all other alerts for general system activity (entry sensor opened/closed, etc) to get disarmed/armed SMS Alerts. Like how Alarm Triggered is a separate option.

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4 years ago

So much about SimpliSafe is great, but I am not understanding how to control the Alerts adequately.  

I do NOT need a text and an email every time the System is turned off in the morning or turned on at night.  I do NOT need a text and an email each time I turn off the System when coming home and turning it off with my Master Pin.

But I WOULD LIKE a text and an email when the System is turned off or armed by one of our other User Pins (3 possibilities), and, of course, whenever an Alarm might go off.

Has anyone figured a way to not have alerts happen when the Master PIN is used (Implying, of course, that it is the HomeOwner who is doing that and does not need notification)?  

The same can be said for the Camera, which turns on and records every morning's disarming and then alerts me it is doing so.  I would love to know (and see) if an Intruder or a "User" has entered, but that is all I need recorded.

SimpliSafe is a good and seemingly workable system, but their alerts are driving me crazy.  Yet, to NOT have any alerts seems foolish.  I am hoping that I have missed some way of controling these.  Any suggestions?

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@rdjen yes, they can drive you nuts. Over the years I cut back and, about a year, based on recommendations of others in the forums, I stopped emails and SMS complete and switched over to push alerts only in the app. It did cut down on the volume, especially when I shut off arming and disarming.

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3 years ago

Hi Wat5,

Thanks for the feedback. We'll pass it on to our devs.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
SimpliSafe Home Security

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1 year ago

This still has not been addressed. We just want alerts when alarm is set/disabled, and when motion is detected on camera. We do not need to know every time a door is locked/unlocked. 

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