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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022 8:19 PM

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iPad/Tablet UI for the SimpliSafe App

Is there any plan to create a landscape mode for iPad IOS?

This would be a very useful update.

Seems way overdue.

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3 years ago

I have a new IPad, and recently signed up for SS. I can access the system from my phone, IPad and laptop, but the app will not rotate to landscape on the IPad. Very annoying, since it is set up with a keyboard, which will not readily let me use the portrait mode.
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Hi @jfpettit,

Thanks for the suggestion. That's a very good reason to add landscape support! We've made sure to forward this to our development team for consideration.

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I'm running into the same issue. Not only that, but I can't prop my iPad up in portrait mode on my desk if I want to use SS while charging the iPad as the charging cable interferes with that orientation.


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I'm going to add my request for iPad landscape mode as well.  I use my iPad on the magic keyboard, it makes it awkward to us the iPad in portrait mode

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+ 1 to requesting landscape mode on iPad. We have an iPad we use for home automation (lights, etc.) that sits on a bookcase in the living room that, every time we open the Simplisafe app, have to rotate to portrait mode (all other apps run landscape)

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SimpliSafe is the only app I have that won’t rotate on my iPad and it’s very annoying.  This post was from a year ago.  SimpliSafe has seen this post but still hasn’t made the change.  Why not???

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2 years ago

No landscape mode is frustrating and very annoying. I think it’s basic, and should be available. 

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2 years ago

The inability to view exterior camera activity in landscape mode on our iPad is frustrating. Please develop landscape....while portrait may be be suitable for cell phone users, it is annoying and clumsy on an iPad!  

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2 years ago

I frequently use my iPad to access information. I have a keyboard so I have the iPad in a horizontal position. However, the app opens in vertical position which is inconvenient. This particular screen is horizontal. But not all applications switch for vertical to horizontal when the iPad is tilted. Since it’s inconsistent it appears the app may need to be reviewed and programming adjusted. Thanks for looking into this.

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@billh860​ yes, the iOS version of the SimpliSafe app is currently designed primarily for iPhone. I have merged your suggestion into this older thread, which has already been reported to our dev team.

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1 year ago

Please bring landscape mode to iPad app

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8 days ago

Please re-code the app that's on an iPad so the it works in Landscape Mode.  Right now, yours is the ONLY app that only works in Portrait mode, which means that every time I open your app I have to remove my iPad from its stand and rotate it 90 degrees.  Yuch!!


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