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Friday, February 1st, 2019 11:42 PM


In-App Panic Button

I've seen that I'm not the first person to ask this, but is there any reason why the app doesn't have a panic or manual alarm button? I believe I saw that there are separate "panic button' fobs sold on the site, so the only reason I can see to not have it in the app is to boost sales of the fob. This seems like the type of thing companies like ADT and others would do. One of the reasons I decided to try out Simplisafe over updating my old system was the quality of the app and upsales like this the bigger companies like to slip in. Disappointing that customers have been asking for this for years and Simplisafe has done nothing. Makes me start to rethink just updating my old system.

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10 months ago

Please implement a way to trigger the alarm from the App. As many have stated, if I see intruders outdoors, I would rather trigger the alarm which means most will leave BEFORE breaking something.

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9 months ago

Hello, would it be possible for your app’s software development team to add a PANIC button to the mobile app? Given the current video game era, many of us always have our phones in hand. In emergencies where, for any reason, one might not have armed their system and something happens, a panic button on the phone would be very handy.

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@wusafghan​ Your request sounded similar to this original thread, so I merged it here. We have submitted this feature request to our devs for their consideration. Once we hear back from them, we'll let everyone in this thread know.

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3 months ago

Siren should be able to be triggered from app

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@sid This has been requested many times in the past and is a listed "submitted" item in the SimpliTracker area of the community.  Great suggestion.

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Hi @sid ,

As the Captain mentioned, that's one of the more popular requests we have on the community, and you can follow progress here.

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