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Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 2:24 PM


Disable Record on Secret Alert

I really like the secret alert idea.  There are sensors that I want to test out before putting them into service.  There are also some sensors that I want secret alert on while I'm home.  That's where it sort of falls apart.  Whenever a secret alert goes off, all five of my camera snap open and start recording.  It's a sound that can be heard all over the house and it renders the idea of "secret" much less effective.  I was playing with a secret alert on a garage sensor and after the fifth time of setting it off, my wife asked me to remove it because she doesn't like the sound and the cameras opening up like that.  I told her that there was no way to disconnect the cameras from the secret alert and she said, "well that's pretty dumb."  And she's not wrong.

I know SS doesn't actually pay any attention to suggestions on this group and that posting this is likely to get nothing other than explanations from various group members about how this isn't really a problem.  A user setting to control whether cameras open up on a secret alert would be fantastic.  I can see a use for certain secret alerts to trigger cameras, for instance, "hey, which kid just broke into the liquor cabinet?".  There is definitely a need, however, for some secret alerts to be truly secret.

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2 years ago

New to simplisafe and totally agree with this comment.    Secret alerts should NOT activate camera shutters.

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1 year ago

I would also add to you comment that it would be a better idea, IMHO, to simply make the activation of the camera a settable option when you activate the secret alert. Also, it should be controllable on an camera by camera basis as why capture an image on all cameras in a multi-camera system because of a secret alert. Finally, the length of this "secret alert" recording doesn't seem to be adjustable.

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