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Saturday, August 6th, 2022 1:45 PM


SimpliSafe for Vehicles

Owners of trucks are under siege by thieves stealing catalytic converters.   While every vehicle is at risk, trucks are easier to remove a converter from because of ease of sliding under the truck.

Each converter stolen has to be replaced.  Costs of just replacing the converter is $3,000 - $6,000.  Equally important, due to supply chain problems, the truck is out of service for up to 3 months.

One truck rental location is testing wiring a motion detector alarm under the truck to scare off burglars overnight while the truck is at highest risk.  But they have to remove the alarm every morning. That got me thinking about simplysafe having an application.



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2 years ago

@glen52stewart actually a great idea and a lucrative angle for Simplisafe. If the heat issue could be solved, one base could easily handle  a lot of trucks. Motion sensor might not be the way to go, but a modified entry sensor that could be attahed to the truck frame and the converter would be ideal.

Simplisafe, I would suggest this customer just gave you a great potential revenue stream!

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1 year ago


IF you already have a security system in your home/apartment that uses motion detectors and/or camera detectors (like SIMPLISAFE ) and you are able to park your car near your home/apartment (either in the driveway, garage, or in front on the street), you can actually place one of the motion detectors or cameras in your car (suggest the driver's side, under the instrument panel facing the seat), then set that motion detector or camera (by phone) when you are at home.  Most security systems have a range that will indeed reach your vehicle if it is parked close enough to your home/apartment and the motion detectors and/or cameras are small enough not to be immediately noticeable in the vehicle.  I first  this trick up at our home up in the mountains when we had trouble with rodents nesting under the hood of our car.  I placed one of the camera/motion detectors under the hood at night and it alerts us anytime there is any movement there. The beauty of this is that it allows your security system to serve more than one purpose and only requires you to add or relocate one motion detector or camera from your security system.  You simply turn the detector/camera off/on by your security system phone application before you get or out of the the vehicle at home.  When anyone gets in our vehicle (driver's seat) we are immediately alerted and can scare the intruder off.  SIMPLISAFE could certainly design a motion detector/camera more ideal for a vehicle if they so desired, but the present units work just fine for our needs.

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10 months ago

I would definitely purchase this. Aswell as any dashcam options. Itll be convenient having both my home and automobile safe and monitored by simplisafe instead of multiple makers.


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1 month ago

This improvement concept pertains to linking a vehicle’s security with the SimpliSafe alarm system, to be able to dispatch for security with SimpliSafe, including automatically, to allow for remote monitoring of vehicle recording systems included with vehicles, and to allow identification of subjects using artificial intelligence, to help police departments identify suspects for burglaries or car jackings. The system would link through WiFi systems available in public, in addition to cellular data services, in addition to WiFi services available at home when parked.

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