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Monday, June 22nd, 2020 1:41 PM


Customize Smart Locks "Auto-Delay"

I would love to see more options in the Auto-Delay time settings for the Smart Locks. 5 minutes is the longest delay at this point. A customizable time field would be nice. I'd like to be able to set a few locks to 30 mins or longer. I love the feature but having to unlock the door every 5 mins is getting old.


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1 year ago

Hi @mweston ,

Thanks for adding your voice. This idea has been SUBMITTED to our dev team, but is not yet in development. We'll keep you updated if and when work is in progress. In the meantime, this thread is the best place to let our devs know how much you'd like to see it!

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4 years ago

I second this.  I have my lock on side door on my garage that I had set to the longest amount of delay time.  The problem is that I will exit through the side door to get my mail and by the time I get back, the door is locked.  So the auto lock is useless to me and I've shut it off.  If I could specify longer time or even if we were given longer baked in delays, that would work better for me.

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3 years ago

If SimpliSafe is listening.. PLEASE add the option for custom time limits in the Smart-Lock Auto-Lock feature.
I love the feature that auto locks the doors but the maximum time of 5 mins just ticks me off. Just going outside for longer than 5 mins having to enter my code to unlock the door.  I'd love to at least have maybe a 30mins option but custom time would be best.
Not sure why this would be so hard to do in the software.

Thank you and I hope SimpliSafe really puts this feature in the next software update..

Glen R.
Happy SimpliSafe User 1Yr+
Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled Smart-Locks Auto-Lock Feature Suggestion

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Hi Gen!

We are indeed listening, and I'll be happy to pass on your suggestion. I can tell you that it wouldn't necessarily be easy, since it would require a firmware update for the Smart Lock. But it's doable!

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security

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1 year ago

[I commented on this already but it isn't showing up. If there's just a delay (ironic parallel with the topic!), my apologies...]

I third the request for a custom delay, or at least a longer choice (I would be happy with 15 minutes, though it sounds like Glen would like 30).

The fact that the original request was made years ago is not encouraging...

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11 months ago

I wonder if you could program a different access code to use a custom auto lock time or even disable auto lock until the normal code is entered or lock button is used or door is manually locked? 

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11 months ago

Yes please

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