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Monday, August 15th, 2022 3:12 PM


Chime in Home Mode for disabled sensors

I just spent a good amount of time on tech support attempting to verify/understand this lack of capability as well.    I want to arm in HOME mode - e.g. to protect my street side doors and windows while in the house -- but need the chime active (along with SMS or notification alerts in case I'm out of earshot of the base station) in case a grandchild goes out a rear patio door toward the pool.   Also helps me know someone is through a door or window that's not currently alarmed while I'm at HOME in HOME mode.       Works perfectly if I leave the alarm OFF, but goes silent if I put the alarm in HOME.   Huh?    What logic is that?   They recommended alarming everything which is a silly option when there are people in and out of the rear patio.      Ugh.

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2 years ago

@brucemid15​ It sounds like what you're looking for is Zoning - that is, having different Entry Sensors armed while others are not. But our system unfortunately doesn't work in that way. When you set your system to Home or Away, all sensors are armed. And all the Secret Alert setting does is to change whether or not triggering a sensor while the system is armed will generate an actual alarm.

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Hey Davey,

That is not my experience at all.   I custom set every sensor - many differently - in HOME vs AWAY vs OFF mode.   I's a favorite feature for me.  I guess you might call that zoning since for me - for HOME mode I disable or just use alerts for areas where I spend time (with my big dog) but enable sensors and alerts where occupancy or activity is limited.    After reading others' comments on the same wishes it would seem the simplest solution is to simply allow chimes and alerts to be enabled or disabled for sensors in any mode.  


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@brucemid15​ ah, so what you're asking is to be able to have the sensor set to alert AND generate a chime at the same time.

The feature is currently called Secret Alert, because it's intended to be a secret. That is, if someone opens that door or window, they would potentially not know that anything had been triggered. The scenario our engineers were thinking about would be for keeping kids out of gun safes or liquor cabinets.

But yes, you're not the first to suggest that it should be possible to have the Alert be a separate setting from the chime. Check out the suggestion thread here.

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