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Monday, March 7th, 2022 2:03 AM


Camera Motion Detection Alerts on the Base Station

I would very much like to get an audible notification from the base station that a camera has detected motion. I've added a couple of cameras to our security system, and I'm frankly a little disappointed. I can only get notified of motion alerts at night if (a) my phone is in my bedroom--which it isn't--and (b) if I disable silencing notifications. For a lot of good reasons, I don't like to keep my phone in my bedroom at night. My requests:

  1. Allow camera alert notifications on the base station
  2. Set monitoring hours (I don't want to get notified about every UPS or mail delivery)



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1 year ago

Do you pay for monitoring? If so, are you not concerned about missing a phone call from them while you're asleep since your phone isn't near you?

(This has nothing to do with your question, I'm just curious.)

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@worthing​ the base station is in the bedroom, so we can hear that if anything is triggered. The phone calls are useful if I'm not home.

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11 months ago

Outdoor camera motion detection should trigger a base station chime, preferably with an option to make the sounds different depending on the camera triggered. Entry sensors already have that option.

Outdoor camera motion chimes are a feature I sorely miss from Ring.

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This is a necessary feature. It would allow the system to function like a driveway alarm, increasing utility and market share. Please implement! 

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5 months ago

I would also like an audible notification from my base station when a camera detects motion. This would be helpful for everyone in the house especially if they are not near their cell phone. 

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Hi @kreaddick,

Thank you for your input! This has been brought to our dev team; we'll keep you updated when we have news about this feature.

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