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Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 4:30 PM


Auto-Arm and Disarm

We recently purchased a SimpliSafe system for our home and soon experienced our first "Oops moment". We installed several new door entry sensors and a few motion detectors as well. After testing the system for a few days, one night I decided to enable the At Home Mode and I told my wife. This was our first night with an active alarm system, Well, the next morning was a beautifully sunny day and we opened our side-deck door and walked outside to sip our coffee and admire the blooming fall plants my wife had in planters. Being noobies, we completely forgot that the system was on and in countdown-to-alarm mode as we had tripped the deck door sensor! So we are admiring the plants and sipping our coffee when "WTH, oh man the alarm is going off - what happened?! " We were stunned at first but after hearing the blaring siren for about 30 seconds I went back inside the house to the keypad and turned off the system which silenced the blaring siren. Whew! In a few seconds, the phone rang - it was SimpliSafe calling to tell us that the system had experienced an alarm event and was everyone ok? We gave them our safeword and explained that we accidentally triggered our own system alarm! Doh! They checked out system remotely and said it was working properly. Our hearts are still racing from the excitement and surprise!

I would like to request that SimpliSafe consider adding a Clock Feature that would allow us to A) turn on the At Home mode automatically at say 11:30PM each night and then automatically turn it off at say 6:30AM each morning. The base station could (optionally) announce each event when it occurs AND (optionally) send a confirming text message as well. That would be a very nice feature for our family! Of course all messaging will be encrypted.

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Scheduled Arm and Disarm

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4 years ago

Hi @drsmith_4,

We're glad to hear that everything is working properly with your All-New SimpliSafe system. Regarding your request, we would be happy to send them on to our dev team!

SimpliSafe Social Team
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3 years ago

I apologize if this topic is already posted somewhere I can't seam to find it, but please direct me to it to I can UP VOTE. I would very much like to see an auto arm function built into the UI.  95% of other alarm systems have this feature built in. I don't want to setup a home hub or purchase additional hardware for this feature, it should be a part of Simplisafe's native features. Thanks!
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@ ssafeunv this has been asked for years but so far Simplisafe has resisted doing it. What they have done is recently added the feature to remind you at a specific date and time to arm your system. I should note for me this is not a very important feature and I would rather see other improvements made, like the ability to link an alarm event to a digital assistant (echo thank you) so I can have my 9 IoT devices light up my house inside and out like a Christmas tree.

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Hi ssafeunv,

Right now our philosophy is that arms and disarms should always only be possible from direct user action (whether through the app, or from the hardware).

But we're big on responding to our customers' needs, so never say never! I'll forward your feedback to our devs.

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I'd like to +1 this request.

I use a home automation system to automatically schedule arming and disarming. The integration is ugly but effective for our needs. My family really appreciates the peace of mind knowing that we don't need to take any specific actions to arm the system at night or to disable it before we head out in the morning. And, of course, we can always arm/disarm ad hoc trivially.

Having this functionality natively available in SimpliSafe would improve reliability for use cases like the one I described, and would enable me and anyone else building automations as a stopgap to have a more reliable solution. 

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I’d also +1 this feature. Sometime in my family’s daily routine we are rushing to work or school and forget to arm the system until later on the day when the morning rush has settled. An automatic scheduled arming feature would be a crucial part of any security system and improve SimpliSafe as a product significantly. I’ve been looking for such a feature to be developed ever since I moved to my house and installed echo devices n

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++1 autoarm. Don’t care about disarm - would rather do that manually. Ie if Alexa can check every 15 minutes at night and arm the system if not armed already. 

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1 year ago

I am going to add my request for the auto-arm / auto-disarm feature. Prior to purchasing my SS system, I had a cheap chinese system I bought off amazon. It did not do much well, but one thing it did do is auto arm and auto disarm based off the schedule you input. I assumed this was a normal feature for alarm systems so I did not check to make sure SS had that feature. I got my system all set up and then went into the app looking for the auto arm/disarm feature and was very disappointed to not find it. 

I've read SS's comments back to people about "wanting it to be an intentional decision to arm the system" and blah blah blah, but the thing I don't understand is this...just add the feature and you can use it or not use it! If you choose to use auto arm/disarm, you're fully understanding that it's going to turn on and off by itself. Currently, my only option for auto arming/disarming is to download a sketchy, open source plugin that someone wrote and linking it to my SS system to add automation. Surely SS can see this is a larger security threat then auto arm/disarm designed into the app. Please add the feature!

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