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Sunday, December 30th, 2018 8:08 PM

Safe word for Police

Scenario:  I triggered an alarm and protocol resulted in dispatch sending police.  The police shows up but the perpetrator has a gun to my wifes head so I wave them off.

This is a very real possibility.

It would be great if the police were provided the safe word by dispatch.  If the safe word is not given to the police then the police would know we were in duress. I am going to add this comment to my account where they ask about comments about the house.  Hopefully they will notice it an pass it on.

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5 years ago

Per SS posts, neither the SS folks nor COPS folks have "access" to anyone's safeword.  In both cases, the SS/COPS person types the word into an interface and the computer indicates Match or No Match.  There have been several posts also about having users spell out the safeword to SS or COPS and in some cases pick a word/phrase that doesn't have multiple options for the spelling.

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5 years ago

Good info.  I'm going to add a different safeword to the "Additional Comments" section with a police safeword.  Hopefully they will read it.  It will be a different safeword then my account and only be used for "Police"  

I really think somethin is necessary.  If someone has a gun to my wifes head in the other room all this security is for naught. There are very evil people in this world.

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5 years ago

Adding a safe word to the comments will have no effect.

What are you trying to do?  EIther you are you and things are fine, and your normal safe word will let them know that, or you give a different safe word and they send police/don't allow you access.  You can also set up a PIN which will disarm your system, but let them know you are under "duress" and they will send police without any further notification.  Seems like they have it covered.

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5 years ago

In any instance where you get a call from COPS monitoring and provide any word that is not your safe word, COPS will then hang up and dispatch police (because you didn't provide a cancelling of the alarm with your primary PIN or give them your safe word)

If you were to be in the scenario you describe, I would think the fact that COPS dispatched police, by policy, assuming you are under duress, would be enough for police to determine for certain you need assistance (for example, an officer asks for permission to enter your home to ensure your family is safe or not).

Lastly, although I don't have them, many SS users combine the simplicam with their systems so that if an alarm is tripped and if not cancelled by you, COPS will have visual verification - another layer of security as well as verification to your local police that indeed you require assistance.

Do NOT depend on adding any special notes to your account just using the online control panel - it is better to call SS and ask for special notations to be added to make sure they can or not - as well as confirmation they have done so (you can then go into your account to see the notations).

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5 years ago

cwilson6, unfortunately there are some very evil people in this world. It's good you are asking questions now, but there are not always good answers - as is the case here. Then what are you going to do? It is a good idea to decide how you will TRY to react to these scenarios before they occur.

For example, I believe someone threatening harm or death to anyone in my proximity is also willing to lie to me about their true intentions, and must be stopped at all costs as soon as possible. Would I want my wife or family harmed by someone? Absolutely not! Thinking rationally about it now, would I trust such a perpetrator once the police leave to hold true to their word? Absolutely not! I could easily envision things going from bad to worse, and everyone being emotionally or physically harmed. What does the perp do? Move on and continue his life of destruction. Not on my watch!

For this same reason, a security system should simply be a layer of security for your home. What do you feel about martial arts, clubs, knives, guns? What additional training do you you and your family need to be more effective and confident at protecting yourselves?

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5 years ago

To be blunt, if someone holding a gun to your wife's head is a very real possibility it's time to rethink your general situation.

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5 years ago

If the police are dispatched to your home by an alarm company there is no way they will leave by you waving them off or just saying i am fine. They will leave once they are convinced all is ok. If someone has a gun to your or a family members head a police officer will detect the stress and know everything is not ok.
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