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Monday, June 15th, 2020 5:35 PM

Landlord or HOA use case

I am working with an HOA in upstate New York consisting of 61 townhouses that have about 4 smoke and 3 carbon monoxide detectors each. These are being monitored by a land line system that needs to be brought into the 21st century.

I want a way that the HOA management team can monitor all the townhouses, but each homeowner has control and ability to add other devices to their system.

Would we be able to install a hub in each unit (they each have separate Internet service) and assign it as different locations in the SimpliSafe app?
When you add in the smoke and CO detectors, do you assign a room name to them?
Would we be able to add access to separate users on a per location basis?

If we need to have each homeowner create their own account, then I would need an API that a software developer (me) could use to build a dashboard.
Each individual homeowner would then enroll through my system once they have their account credentials. I would want management to view this dashboard as needed and receive alerts when a system went offline or an alarm was triggered. Hopefully the API has a heartbeat feature as well as alarm triggers.

Looking for suggestions...

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4 years ago

Each base needs a unique account with a $24.99/mo interactive plan to have the user remote access/management, and everyone signed in to a given account has full admin rights to that system.

IMO, what you seek transcends the practical scope, intent, and capabilities of the SS system.

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Currently, the HOA pays $15 per month for each apartment - which I thought was the cost for SS. Are there multiple plan levels? You mention an interactive plan. $25 per month seems like a lot.

Sounds like I need to look at Zigbee and Zwave hubs...

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4 years ago

Sounds like the HOA should involve an experienced and recognized authority in such monitored systems. I can only imagine the liability for not getting it right.

If they were paying $15/mo for SS monitoring they would not need the HOA to monitor because the montioring service contracted through SS calls the subscriber. That's what the $15/mo is for.

If the subscriber (tenant?) upgraded to the $25/mo plan they get all the fully interactive remote control/remote access stuff, notifications, plus the aforementioned monitoring. And, remember, that link for remote access is cellular/will automatically fall back to cellular so one needn't be tied into a WiFi connection for the remote access/notification stuff to work while you're away from home.

If a subscriber/tenant added cameras then I think up to 10 can be added with remote/cloud storage with the $25 plan whereas I think it's just one with the $15 plan. You can add more cams with the $15 plan but after the first I think it's like $5 each for the cloud storage.

As well, be sure the replacement smoke and CO detectors are fully compliant with local codes/regulations for the type of housing it is. For example, if the units are multiple dwelling townhouses then perhaps the code requires any smoke alarm in one unit trigger the alarm in all joined units. Perhaps you have covered all that already but it bears mentioning in case not.

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4 years ago

One camera can be added to the $15 plan for an additional $5 per month.  If you add 2 cameras, they will automatically upgrade you to the $25 plan (cause it would cost you that much with $15 plus 2 cameras).  You can have up to 10 cameras on the $25 plan for no additional charge, IF your UPLOAD speed will support that many (needs about 1.5 or more Mps for each camera)
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