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Thursday, October 11th, 2018 3:47 PM

False Alarm Fees

Has anyone experienced multiple false alarm fees.  I have 5 systems for my businesses and at my home.  The motion sensors at my home in particular have essentially triggered every time I have activated.  Having missed the 800# call twice I have been charged $746 in false alarm fees by my city

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5 years ago

I've had two false alarms caused by my cat being locked in a room with a motion detector....my fault.  I went to the PD both times to explain and they told me I get two free-bees a year, and then it's $25.00 after that.  Obviously it depends on where you live and what fines have been established by your city council.  

Maybe changing the sensitivity settings on your motion detectors would help.

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Our CA municipality charges $324 per false alarm!  I have changed the sensitivity many time.  One gripe I may share with you friend is that small animals are not suppose to set these things off, as advertised, we have a 13lb dog.

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Have you tried turning the motion sensor upside down, with the button on the bottom?  That's supposed to help avoid detecting small animals...

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5 years ago

You should change your settings for "secret alerts" for the motion sensors for a period of time while you work to adjust your settings, sensitivity level, locations, etc.
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