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Monday, May 9th, 2022 2:27 AM


My sensor custom names keep getting erased

I have the original simplisafe system. Has been working fine for last few years. I have all my sensors named so i know where each one is and which one has an issue. But the other day, all sensor names were deleted and all i got was the codes listed on the sensors, like "1bkfg"..etc. i spent hours finding and renaming my sensors back to "front door sensor", or "kitchen glass break sensor", etc. Saved everything and called it a day. Today when i logged in again to check status, all the names i had saved were gone again. Only codes were seen. This is ridiculous. The app or simplisafe company must be doing this, because i am not. I need to know which one of my sensors is which. Without that feature, the alarm is completely useless. Imagine alarm goes off in middle of the night and you check your phone message....and instead of seeing "Front door sensor activated", you see something like "sensor 234bkg activated". How would i know which part of the house the intruder came in. If this happens one more time, i will get rid of simplisafe all together and go with a different company. Any ideas simisafe? Why wont the sensor names stay renamed after i rename them?

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2 years ago

Hi folks, 

Thanks for reporting. I've seen multiple of the same symptoms already. I've reported all of your cases to our lab team, and they're in the process of investigating.

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2 years ago

Similar experience with an original system

  • Alert emails retain (custom) device names
  • Website & app have blanks / defaulted to the sensor codes

Where are those custom name stored?

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2 years ago

I am having the same problem on two separate SS2 systems.

Also reported it in a separate post not too long ago.

I logged into the online/Web App and all the sensor names for boths systems are still showing there. I also refreshed both systems as long as I was in there, now all the sensor names are showing again in the Android app.

Suggest try logging into the Web App, refresh/resync the settings, then recheck in your smartphone app.


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2 years ago

FWIW, SS resolved this for me later today & followed up with direct contact to check in on the issue, great follow through & quick resolution, much appreciated.

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1 year ago

Same issue as above. Since the last update I have had a lot of problems. First, the voice prompts got cut off.  Then one sensor went offline two out of three days at exactly the same time ..4:21 am each day. Now today I am testing out that single sensor that went offline only to find that it's just saying "entry sensor" when I am testing it. Nothing custom about that at all. On the keypad the actual name of the device is there so something changed with the updates..does that wipe out the exisiting custom device names? This is getting old fast for a 67 year old grandma who has to run around the house testing each one and listening to the voice prompts. Taking out the batteries and then resetting it on each device? This is wrong..really wrong.

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1 year ago

Same issue here.  Rename everything and next day random names have disappeared.  Water sensors seem to be partiularly prone, but different entry sensors as well.  The names are there through multiple refreshes, so not forgetting to save.

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11 months ago

Same here - original system and sensor names get erased

Looking back through this thread and some others, it looks like SS fixed this somehow.  Unfortunately, the resolution isn't mentioned.  So... call SimpliSafe and the answer is to "create a totally new account, transfer the system and then the sensor names will stick."  Yeah, I don't think so.

It's an almost 10 year-old system that has worked just fine.  And it had the sensor names since the beginning ... until I recently tried to change them.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Hi @wheezer​, 

Where are you seeing your sensors names erased? On the SimpliSafe mobile app, the webapp, or both? And are you on iOS or Android?

For the Original SimpliSafe, sensor names are visible only in the SimpliSafe mobile app or webapp. The Keypad will refer to all sensors by their 5-digit serial number.

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Hi, Emily,

The names are erased on both the app (iOS) and webapp.  Both routes will save the alarm type (change from "alarm" to "alert only", for instance), but all the sensor names are gone on refresh.

Thanks for your help.

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