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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2022 1:12 PM

Order Confusion

I just bought your system. Your response makes no sense. I’m trying to ascertain if you have my order and payment and if it has been shipped. My name is [info removed]. I am replacing an ADT system. I’ve had ADT for 8 years. I have had problems with ADT at my first house. I moved and got talked into a new system which has been a problem with the equipment. Now it isn’t working as battery died second time in two years. I replaced it with the one they sent me and although it worked for 5 min. It doesn’t work again.  They keep billing me though. It's still attached to my wall but says battery died. They won’t send someone to help. I need to get SimpliSafe up and running. 

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11 months ago

Hello @believe3318 ,

Please be aware that this is a public space, so we would not recommend posting any private information. We have removed the private info in your post.

Unfortunately, as a self-installed system, we do not have agents that we can send on-location. But our Support team can walk you through troubleshooting, replacements, and order tracking. Click here to get started - we have Live Chat and phone call options!

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