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Sunday, December 5th, 2021 4:50 PM

Yearly monitoring! OH MY! Who Knew!?

We've been Simplisafe customers/users for a few years now.  We've had the $24.99 monitoring from the get go....  Who knew there was a yearly subscription that actually saves you money!?!

I just happened on a post earlier today where someone mentioned it!  He said you get a 2 months savings... so maybe that was an earlier price and he's grandfathered in?  That wasn't the price I was given....

It's still a savings because it's $274.89 a year versus the $299.88 you end up paying if you pay monthly....  (I'm the type of person that uses my cash back credit cards to pay for EVERYTHING so I earn that extra money.... so ya.... even the $25 yearly savings is good for me!)

So for anyone else who didn't know..... there ya go!  Call and get on the yearly plan!

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2 years ago

Yes, that's right. We've got a Yearly Monitoring Plan option that's also available for the Standard Monitoring level. You get your 12th month free -

So the $24.99 Interactive Plan is $274.89, and the $14.99 becomes $164.89 (plus taxes, if applicable).

I would just caution that you really want to be sure that you're going to have Monitoring active for that whole year - since it's quite a lot of money drawn from your account all at once!


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@davey_d I wish I had known about this from the beginning!  I would have saved a bunch of money over all the years I've been an Interactive member... (which is from day one of having Simplisafe!  I mean.... why would you NOT want that plan!?  It's a bargain for what you get compared to other companies!!!!!!!!!)

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2 years ago

Yeah...select the Standard Monitoring Plan and then get CUT OUT of Amazon (Alexa) compatibility

Only smart device on the market that requires a subscription to be able to work with Alexa....total horseshit !

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