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Thursday, January 19th, 2023 4:04 PM

Why should I keep paying for a subscription?

I've been using SimpliSafe for 3 years. We bought the hardware (including a doorbell and indoor camera) and installed it and had good success with everything besides the cameras. We've had to troubleshoot the doorbell more than 10 times because it failed more often than it worked. Ultimately, SimpliSafe sent us a new doorbell and we installed a WiFi booster less than 2 feet away from it. We still had to troubleshoot a few times, but it was a marginal success. But it wasn't until our neighbor's car was broken into that we decided to get a subscription plan to hopefully catch evidence in the future. We were discouraged when a second neighbor's car was broken into in front of our house and the camera, despite triggering an event, didn't record any video and simply said that video was unavailable at that time. It continues to be unreliable at what seems like the most important moments. Now the price for the subscription is increasing; not by 10%, 20%, or even 50%, but 100% across the board. 

So my question is: why should I keep paying SimpliSafe? Am I going to receive anything from the increased premium or just spend more for the same spotty service?



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1 year ago

@piratecannonsatthebeach While some are struggling with issues for the outdoor cameras (I have two and work fine after a few issues when I first got them and still wish they were faster to stream) the front doorbell has been fine.  From installation to dail use, it has een superb.  For others? Not so much, depending on who has run into issues. I have a former coworker/friend, who is a Sr Network Security Engineer for a national tech company.  He went through 3 SS doorbells, largely due to poor SS tech support but also his own equipment.  After 2 calls to SS and then one to me, I suggested he call and politely insist on a callback from a technical specialist - yes, they do exist, and once they both were on the phone his very, very old ringer was the culprit. Once replaced, the SS doorbell pro worked great.  

As far as your networking issues, I suggest you use the Connection Check Tool in the app if you haven't already. It is very useful in troubleshooting and should be done prior to you calling SS to ask to speak with a specialist.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.  Thanks and good luck.

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1 year ago

Hi @piratecannonsatthebeach,

I’m so sorry that you’ve been facing these issues. Please know that we are going to make this right. I’ve sent your information to our Support team, and a Senior Specialist will be reaching out to chat with you live. Once again, I would like to apologize. 

1 year ago

After posting this I received a couple calls from technical support trying to figure out how they can help me get a better connection with my doorbell camera. It was personal, very helpful, and a little touching the way that they responded to this issue. For anyone else out there who doesn't know about this like I didn't, SimpliSafe offers their own Wi-Fi extenders to go with their hardware. I'm hoping when it arrives it will help my issue and I'm surprised and grateful by the response to my issue. And I honestly a little embarrassed that I wrote an angry post instead of just reaching out to tech support again; they helped me really quickly.)

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