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Thursday, June 17th, 2021 6:22 PM

Video Monitoring without WiFi

Is it possible to set up SimpliSafe video monitoring if wifi is not available?  Are there alternatives if internet service is not available at a location?  For example, a mobile hot spot, or some other external booster device to allow the cellular system access the cameras?

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3 years ago

Hi johnclair,

Unfortunately the answer is no. All of our cameras are able to transmit video only through WiFi.

Mobile hotspots do appear to devices pretty much like WiFi. So it's possible that our cameras can be set up through that kind of the signal being transmitted. But the main problem would be latency - we're not just concerned about how fast the actual data is transmitted, but also the lag in the back-and-forth between the camera and our server. You would need to have a very strong, and very fast, cell signal to be able to support the video transmission. I wouldn't say it's impossible, but very unlikely to work well.

The cameras do not connect to the Base Station directly. But even if they did, the cellular connection that is built into the Base Station is really best for sending the short signals for alarm events. It wouldn't be able to carry the video, either.



hi we have a Vodafone 6ghz router so the cameras won’t operate and we won’t be able to get a video doorbell - are there any plans for 6ghz compatible products coming from SimpliSafe?  Thanks. Cal  

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Hi @calvinleonard65​, 

At this time we are not developing compatibility with 6GHz networks. But what you can do is create a separate guest network locked at 2.4GHz and connect your SimpliSafe devices to it.

If anything changes and devices that are compatible with 6GHz networks go into development, we will be sure to update the Community.

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