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Wednesday, July 19th, 2023 4:41 PM

UK monitoring centre number & text message number


I thought I had seen the UK monitoring centre number somewhere in the APP during initial setup, but I can no longer find it. 

I would like to add the numbers as contracts so I can enable my phone to ring even when on silent. It would be useful to do the same for text message alerts. 

Many thanks


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11 months ago

Hi @rob_061171, 

The number for the UK's Monitoring Center is: 01908 580869.


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@emily_s​ many thanks 

@emily_s​ I had that number in my contacts (in UK) but when doing a test and installing, I had calls from 2 different numbers, that came through silenced so I didn’t see/hear the calls. They tried again luckily on that occasion and one was an automated response I think because I’d put the system into Test mode, the 2nd was a person because I had installed smoke sensors and one went off. I asked the person if there were other numbers and they reeled off two - one was the number they were calling from:

01908 658100

and the other one she said ended I think in 148 and different to the other number I had been called from but they were in a hurry to get off the call, I guess as it wasn’t a genuine emergency, and I didn’t get it noted down.

The other number I was called from was 01908 644505 and I think was the automated msg.

Clearly there are other numbers and Simplisafe are not clear on all the numbers someone in the UK can be called from,

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Hi @rob_061171

The numbers in which Securitas call you off are 01908 658 100 and 01908 580 850. You can also call Securitas on 01908 580 869. 
The number that the automated test call comes from to confirm they have received your test signal is 01908 644 505. 

You can find this information on our FAQ section on this web page: 

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