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Tuesday, July 5th, 2022 11:02 PM

So disappointed with this system

I contacted Simplisafe about some concerns I had with their system. When they responded. I had Already done everything they suggested. I'm HIGHLY concered about the lack of notifications when there is a "break in", camera turned on, or if the alarm randomly turns itself off. My concern is that it may light up or maybe beep once to let me know my house alarm is going off or my camera detected motion but if I happen To be out of ear shot or in a Loud room and miss that brief notification than what’s the point? Is there away to change the notification level of urgency? If someone broke into my house I don’t want to “miss” the notification. Also, my app has no option for an error alert as shown in your link. They continue to say that there is no way to improve my experience without being a subscribing customer which i never planned on doing. It states that you don't need to be a subscribing customer but that is untrue. Yes it technically is on without subscribing but the notification if someone breaks in is a beep on my phone nothing more. If I miss the beep that's it, no other notice.

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2 years ago

Hi @bradfordstac ,

I'm having trouble understanding, but I believe there might be some miscommunication going on here. @captain11 is correct: Regardless of your subscription level (or if you aren't subscribed at all), you'll get the notification on your phone. Apart from the notification tone, you should get the actual popup that stays on your phone's notification area.

You should also be getting notifications for Errors - that is, if there's a battery warning, or part of the system is having a communication issue. The only type of alert you wouldn't get would be for Activity - when you arm or disarm your system. Those options should be under Alerts & Notifications on your SimpliSafe app.

Though yes, if you are subscribed to a Monitoring Plan, you'll also get the phone call from an actual human operator, who can also call for emergency services on your behalf.

The cameras do work a little differently. Each camera has separate settings for notifications for Motion alerts, in each camera's Settings page.

And yes, I'm also confused about the "alarm randomly turns itself off", because the system should absolutely not be doing that.



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2 years ago

@bradfordstac For the purspose of full disclosure, I am a very happy SS customer for over 10 years. Add that 30+ other friends, family, coworkers etc ditto. All of the time, no, but then SS is notified and they address it to make us happy. That includes 4 people I know that do not have monitoroing plans 

That now aside, a few questions: Do you have your base to sound the alarm siren built in? Is the issue its not loud enough? If so, an aux alarm unit should raise the dead for you; if still not enough get two. So, if you are at home, you should know there  is a break in.  Are you cocerned about while you are away? "Alarm randonly shuts itself off"? I apologize for my confusion as I must be misunderstanding your post.


I just reread your post and believe the issue is while you are away.  You can use the App with SS3 for push notifications, SMS test and emails. This includes alarm activity and camera acitivty.  So the only difference, I believe, is you don't get a phone call.

Please provide some more clarificaiton


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2 years ago

Quick note on the decibel level - the auxiliary alarm is extremely loud and regularly drew the attention of my neighbors from inside my front hall as I first got acquainted with the system.

The aux alarm unit can also be set to "beep" to indicate an open entry sensor, just like the base station. It has multiple beep and alarm volume settings, which can be set through the keypad or online.

As a current satisfied customer, I admit I was frustrated with false alarms while out of the house in Away Mode (due to pets), but I worked with customer service to find solutions including moving and calibrating the sensors. When I moved to a new home, I again had false alarms, but again they were 100% resolved. In my experience, I learned customer service is helpful because these same issues have been experienced and reported by thousands of other users before me.

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