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Saturday, October 29th, 2022 3:59 PM

Smoke and C/O dectors

We have a house built in 2013, by code all houses must have smoke and C/O Detection hard wired. Is in any way possible to link this into the simply safe system? it does seem redundant to duplicate, and it would be really great to have this available in one monitored system.



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2 years ago

@jrichm369 suggest you call support directly. Please post your outcome here is you get a chance.

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2 years ago


I did a chat with Simply safe, the result was that other smoke detectors are not compatible with their product. I then suggested that as these hard wired systems are now required by code in most areas that it would be verry attractive for simply safe to either come up with a relay that could be linked to detector system and simply safe or even an audio receiver that could pick up the system alarm. Chat replied that the suggestion would be forwarded for consideration

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2 years ago

Hi @jrichm369 - welcome to the community!

Our Smoke and CO detectors are wireless by design, so they wouldn't be able to integrate with an existing, hardwired system. That said, our developers would certainly be interested in hearing this request and use case - and I can make sure that I pass along your feedback, as well, to that team directly.

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