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Sunday, May 7th, 2023 10:47 PM

Rude treatment upon cancellation of subscription

Add to the list of cancellation nightmares. I called today to get rid of my interactive monitoring subscription after three years.

First, as so many have already stated, it’s insane that there’s no way to cancel online. It’s an insult to the customers’ intelligence, as if we don’t know what SimpliSafe is trying to do there. Please just provide an easy way to cancel. The current policy is widely seen as a shady business practice that only damages the reputation of the company further.

The first representative I spoke to was very courteous and helpful. She then transferred me to a specialist named Brian who could process the cancellation.  Cool. I was fully prepared for him to use retention tactics, so I was direct but patient and polite, I said please, all of that. I know he’s just doing his job. 

He asked, “What’s going on?” My answer was simply, “I don’t use it (the monitoring service) and I just don’t want to keep paying for it.” Then he talked about how many motion detection alerts are happening in my house, which is WEIRD, and I tried to clarify that I was just talking about the monitoring plan but he completely cut me off. I really couldn’t get another word in. He seemed personally offended. 

He then said that I was going to get an email confirming my cancellation, and not even half a second after he finished that sentence, he hung up on me. I couldn’t even thank him for the assistance. Haha! I was baffled.

I’ve spent years and years and years in customer service, and I know that some people can be real harsh. But that’s not me. Every interaction should be viewed as an opportunity. Sure, not every conversation is going to end up retaining the customer. But that call just guaranteed that I’ll never even consider reactivating my plan. 

I do hope that the SimpliSafe team takes this and other similar experiences into consideration and adds a hassle-free option to cancel plans online, but it doesn’t seem likely. 

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1 year ago

Hi @ameliaxmc, 

Our current process for canceling or downgrading monitoring plans was designed with the safety of the customer in mind. It’s not difficult to imagine a situation where this type of request may be made under duress. This way, we can ensure that every customer's request for cancellation is authentic.

I’m very sorry to hear about your experience when canceling your monitoring plan. That is certainly not how we treat our customers. I’ll make sure that your post is shared with the support team.

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