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Thursday, May 18th, 2023 8:46 PM

Proactive Monitoring

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". This idiom is as relevant to the home security industry than it is to many others. Anti-burglar systems are notoriously reactive. We all know this to be true; the system will ONLY trigger when a sensor is tripped. The Security Operations Center that remotely monitors the anti-burglar system is then forced into a time sensitive reactive cycle.

However the industry is changing, for the better. Competitors to Simplisafe are introducing "Proactive Monitoring" solutions, whereby the premise is simple: stop the threat actor BEFORE they reach the door. Security Cameras are common for modern security installations, and are no-longer niche to businesses. Homeowners are installing security cameras on the exterior of their properties at high rates. Companies such as Ring and DeepSentinel are employing AI and ML through the customer's security cameras to detect potential threats on the customer's property BEFORE the threat actor breaches the door or window. This innovative strategy is engendering significant success, and customers in the industry are starting to take notice.

I advocate for Simplisafe. I think they make a wonderful product and offer a great service. However, it's legacy and stuck in reactive. I HIGHLY recommend Leadership at Simplisafe take notice of the market shift to "proactive protection / monitoring", and introduce such a service to their Interactive Monitoring Customers.

One likely up-side for Simplisafe Sales: You will likely sell many more cameras by attaching the new proactive service to a hardware requirement such as the Simplisafe Outdoor Camera.

As a premium customer of Simplisafe, I need to determine within the next few months if I will maintain this legacy type of service or will I migrate to one of the innovators listed below? TBD.

Current known competitors:

1. Ring: https://ring.com/virtual-security-guard-real-time-monitoring

2. DeepSentinel: https://www.deepsentinel.com

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