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Friday, September 25th, 2020 6:11 PM

Police dispatch - UK

In UK simplisafe have opted for visual verification.

This is something that I've questioned for a while...

Why cant it be if two sensors are triggered....

What happens if wifi goes off ... yes cellular kicks in but that wont help when cameras run of wifi....

Would be great if simplisafe brought put the 2 triggers or visual rather than someone calling me if no visual... telling me things are triggering.... what so I want to do.... do I get the option for them to call police or would it be a guard .... which would be pointless.

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3 years ago

I get over the main home WiFi issue because I only have MIFI. Basically WiFi over cellular. The router I use has battery backup as well so I can still use normal WiFi. This alongside one of Rings battery operated stick up cams you can stay visually connected . Why Simpli don't have battery backup on the cameras is beyond me.
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