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Friday, February 11th, 2022 7:52 AM

Office and apartment above office, different passcode but same online access.

Looking to install a system on office doors and a separate system upstairs for the apartment doors. Would like two separate keypads and passcode so coworker does not have access to my apartment but would like the phone app to be able to have both on it for easy access. Is this possible with this system?



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2 years ago

@Starrdreamer29  If I understand your question correctly, two separate systems can work with the first system on the first floor and the second system for the 2nd floor. As far as separate apps, I do know SS started a business division a year or two ago and they do have a web page for multiple sites/systems. How it works, app specific, I suggest you call support and specifically ask the agent for their business group.  

If you get a chance, please post your findings here as I am sure it will come up again.


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@captain11yep, if you want each location to have a separate set of PINs, it will need to be two separate systems.

I'll just add that each location would also need to have its own Monitoring Plan. And if you want employees having access to the app as well, then you'd need to have two separate accounts/logins as well - each under a different email and password.

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@davey_d​ so you can have two different accts and pins set up and both work on the same online app? The employees would only use the keypad not the app, only I would have access to the app but want to be able to turn on/off both office and apartment without having to sign into different accounts 

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You can have two separate systems under the same login. So you can log into the app, and just switch between different locations whenever you like.

Of course, if they're under the same login, anyone who has access to one will have access to the other. But it sounds like it won't be a problem for you, if your employees won't need to log into the app.

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