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Thursday, June 29th, 2023 5:52 AM

No love for FastProtect Customers? (Again?)

I just saw that you can get a new Wireless Indoor Camera for 50% off as a new subscriber or someone who isn't currently paying for FastProtect who upgrades to FastProtect. 

Did I miss something or is there absolutely 0 love for existing FastProtect customers in this deal? I did look but didn't see anything but that doesn't mean I just didn't find it. Can someone from SS either confirm there's nothing for existing FP subscribers or point me to what deal you're offering for existing FP subscribers?

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1 year ago

Hi @worthing, 

Two great benefits of our Fast Protect™ plan is that subscribers get a lifetime warranty on their devices, and 10% off all additional purchases! This is unique to Fast Protect™, our other service plans do not feature these perks. There is also a coupon for 10% off the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera that was emailed to current Fast Protect™ subscribers. This allows you to purchase the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Camera at a discounted price from any device - not just through the app. We also have more great offers to come, so I would keep an eye on your email for upcoming offers.

Our beta program was also open to most customers subscribed to Fast Protect™, which allowed them to purchase the Smart Alarm Wireless Indoor Security Camera for 50% off prior to joining.

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I don't need the sales pitch - I'm already a FP subscriber. :) Also I didn't ask for the new features of the FP plan for which you are charging more money. You all are or were offering NEW discounts to new customers or customers who upgraded their service. My question was, what NEW discounts are you offering to existing customers already at the top tier? 

The answer appears to be 10% off the same camera that you're giving a 50% discount to for customers who have paid less per month than some of us have for years. I don't object to the 50% discount for new customers or customers who upgrade (read: give you more money every month). I get that you all need to attract new customers and you want existing customers to spend more every month for what is undoubtedly a higher margin product for you all. (I'm not trying to be snarky, I really do get it.)

I'll get down to brass tacks: Why do you continue to treat your top tier monitoring customers worse than your new and existing customers? We've had our price bumped twice in 18 months, the first time resulting in ZERO benefit to us at the time. (And, in line with the theme I'm trying to express frustration with, customers at no or lower tiers at that time received access to features they previously didn't have access to.) We pay almost twice a month what other customers pay and some of us have been doing so for YEARS. When are we going to see some love (read: discounts) at least on par with what you're showing your customers who spend almost half what we do?

If you'd like an example of how to do it right, head over to https://us.store.bambulab.com/pages/1st-anniversary-faq and check out what they did:

- Dropped the price of one of their printers for everyone by $100

- Gave a $50 discount to anyone who had previously bought an AMS

- Gave almost free filament to people who had recently bought devices. Gave even MORE almost free filament to early adopters.

This is how you show love. Also please note they don't sell services, only goods. So they don't get to offer a discount on hardware to people who have agreed to recurring monthly payments to you all. You all actually get to use hardware as a loss leader (or bigger loss leader) lure (or keep) people paying a monthly sub.


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@worthing Not 50% but I did get an email on the "Flash Sale" last week that corresponded with Prime Days. It was still pretty good with 40% on sensors and cameras and I picked up another SA camera, thus retiring all of my Simplicams and giving them new homes with my daughter, brother in law and a neighbor. :-)

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I think we are long over due for a another similar sale. I would be getting more cameras. 

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10 months ago

Bumpity bump bump.

Still waiting on a response to the question:

Why do you continue to treat your top tier monitoring customers worse than your new and existing customers?

That I asked 60+ days ago and that I have bumped 3 (now 4) times. If that question feels too hyperbolic to answer then I will rephrase:

Why has your top tier plan consistently received the least love in the last few years in terms of discounts on hardware, most price bumps w/o any new functionality, etc? Shouldn't we, as the proverbial "whales" (read: biggest spenders) be receiving the most love? Or at least comparable love?

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10 months ago

Bumping for the 5th time, 2 months, etc. @emily_s @davey_d  can someone please address the question I've asked multiple times with no response? I know it's not a fun question but we deserve an answer of some sort.

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9 months ago

Bumping again, 30 days after the last month or for the 6th time in 3+ months. If you're not going to answer, please tell us you're not going to answer so I can stop assuming you're either ignoring me entirely or just not checking the forums very often. :)

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Hi Worthing,

The Captain was on the right track a while back: we have offers like what you're asking for on a regular basis. We have an entire team dedicated towards bringing special offers to our existing customers, separate from what we offer new customers. Literally right now, and for the whole of this weekend, we’re doing 40% off on cameras and accessories.

We send these offers out via email, so if anyone is reading this and wants to get notified of new deals, you should log into your SimpliSafe account, navigate to Manage Account on the top left, and make sure that SimpliSafe Sales Team Emails and Special Offers is checked. And of course, you can always contact our Sales team, and we can tell you all about the latest offers available to you.

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Thanks for responding. Can you tell me why it took 90+ days for someone to respond to me? I don't think I was asking anything too crazy and it's mind blowing that it took 90+ days and multiple bumps for someone to bother (yes, bother) to reply.

Also, it's great you're offering 50% off now. I mean that sincerely. What I am getting at, and I'm not sure why I need to continue to repeat and try to explain, is:

Why aren't your customers who pay the most per month receiving the best deals and discounts and most frequent updates, etc EVERY TIME you offer these things? We've (the highest tier monitoring subscribers) literally had a price increase  (2 increase back? 3?) where we received nothing new but other tiers received additional functionality. We have had sales where new customers (who have never given you a dime) received bigger discounts than existing customers (who may have given you literally thousands of dollars).

Shouldn't the customers who pay the most, receive the most? Or at least comparable discounts, increases in functionality, etc. to people who pay a fraction of what we do?

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It will probably be 90+ days before you get a response from them to that question also. The best thing that you can do is drop SimpliSafe altogether. They don't care about you anymore, basically they think that you spent all kinds of money on their equipment and it's not worth it to you to drop them. They offer the big discount to new customers so they can hook them then rinse and repeat. SimpliSafe is the worst company that I ever came across and believe me I came across some terrible ones before. Their support is worthless, never did fix my problems with their equipment after I spent well over $2000 on it. I finally did get some of my money back, but that was after threatening legal action. My advice to you is get rid of them before it cost you even more money or worse, like having your home broke into and the alarm not sounding or you being alerted by their monitoring service like some customers have posted on here.

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