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Thursday, March 10th, 2022 5:18 PM

New to SimpliSafe

Hello All 

I am new here, so Hello.... 

I am after finding out some information to which I cant find a clear answer to online, via the forums, or other posts etc. 

I have been given a new SimpliSafe base station. Nothing more at the moment, but before I look to start adding to the system with cameras, sensors I would like to know the below. 

1) Can I use the system without having a monthly fee? for example, if I buy a camera or a sensor, and if I want to watch that feed from the camera I can via the app, or if the camera is tripped/activated I get a push notification on my phone? The same would apply to a sensor. At the moment when I try and add the base station via the app, it wont let me progress past the screen unless I pick a paid option. 

I am aware of the benefits of having a monitored plan, but that isn't what at this stage I am looking for, I am just after knowing can I use the system without a per-month fee - Yes / No??? 

In the future, I would look to move to a paid sub, but at the moment this isn't what I want. 

TIA for any information anyone can advise. 

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