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Saturday, January 1st, 2022 4:30 PM

New subscription options for UK customers

I can see that the subscription options changed over 6 months ago for our friends across the pond. Surely this should also be rolled out for people in the UK? The $14.99 plan would suit my needs perfectly but this isn't available to us 😔


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2 years ago

Hi Tom, we do take all feedback onboard and have passed your comments onto the relevant team. Please note, the way in which police and fire dispatch works differs in the US and UK due to different regulations and requirements. For example, video verification is required in the UK to have police and fire response, whereas video verification is not required in the US on the Standard Monitoring plan. Hope this helps :) 

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@Natalie90​ thanks for your comment

That's understandable that there will be some differences especially around dispatch.

From my perspective there seems to be a lot missing for UK customers, as far as I can tell everything circled is missing. It would be nice to bring more of the app functionality to all the UK plans?

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It does seem that UK customers are being taken for a ride.

There is no excuse for not including app functions such as alert and disarm with unmonitored systems as they have in the US.

I am still in my 60 days trial and will be returning based on this outrageous behaviour.

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I agree with the comments above. It's made simplisafe useless to me without the unmonitored features US users get. 

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App only now available, just got it by phoning up.

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