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Sunday, September 6th, 2020 4:28 PM

moving simplisafe to new house

Hello,  I am moving to a different house. same state different city. what do I need to do with Simplisafe when I move it from house to house. same wifi will move to new location so all will be same system different location.

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4 years ago

Just go on your app if you have the 24.99 interactive plan and on there ypu can change your address. Once you get it all hooked back up put it in test mode and make sure it is communicating with ss. I would put it in test mode with the wifi and try the cell back up as well just to make sure.

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4 years ago

Hi all,

To clarify, you can easily update your location through your online account by navigating to the ‚ò∞ Menu -> Monitoring. After updating your address and any other information, remember to click save at the bottom! Once you've gotten all of that information updated and your system installed in you new home, I suggest doing what @Lance843 mentioned and putting your system into Test mode. This will allow you to test each of your sensors as well as making sure that we are properly receiving signals from your base station.

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4 years ago

How do you remove old / invalid addresses? I have 3 versions of my current home address and I still have my first home address and unfortunately I have had orders sent there (old city, old state). I have not found anyone who can answer this question (or simply delete the old invalid addresses)



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@kevinjball Been there, done that with my reinstallation of my daughter's SS3 system at her "new" 1906 built house.  On the first call to SS I thought I had them straight, but after the new 4G comm card was sent a month later to their old condo address, I knew I missed something. Called again and this time walked through ALL of the address types. Ready?

Bill to address
Ship to address
Service (system address)
Monitoring address

All 4 have to be updated and as SS has farmed out customer service functions to 3rd party agents (which itself is not a bad thing with dramatically shortened hold times I have experienced) you have to walk through each.  To add confusion, I have sent Simplisafe sensor gifts to several friends and family members and all of their addresses are on my account. Simplisafe does not delete anything (their policy) but can suppress them. Do recommend you call and if you get a chance post your outcome here.

Good luck.

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4 years ago

^ well, just like keeping old (or multiple) credit cards on file, keeping old redundant home addresses on file is a "policy" that needs updated with the times.  That customers' current personal (and no longer valid) information remains on the server/database and customers are prohibited from deleting that information is just ridiculous and a liability in itself, regardless of SS "legal" claims.  They can't even manage a forum, search function, payment options, or put up a notice page, kind of hard to put faith in their ability to secure information.
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