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Monday, April 4th, 2022 11:31 AM

Moving Question

So I finished installing the housewarming gift for my family member yesterday (I had to wait for the replacement Keypad due to the loose rocker issue). I helped them transfer service via the app (swift and effortless) and activated the service.

During the transfer, we enabled Bluetooth and Location Services on their phone. One odd thing that happened, the new address populated on its own (and was correct). But after I had done everything, I asked them to confirm the address change, and it was showing the previous location. So I had them manually enter the new address, and the app accepted it. 

My question:

Do they need to register the alarm with the local police again for the new address? They moved within the same city (walking distance), but this is my first experience with relocating a system to a new residence. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. Once you have installed a few SimpliSafe systems, it becomes a speedy job. I would estimate it only took 15-20 minutes to attach all sensors, Keypad, Base Station, Motion Sensors, etc. I believe my SS2 and upgrade systems (SS3) took 2-3 hours.

Accepted Solution

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2 years ago

Hi @shiherlis ,

Are you asking about the alarm permit for their location? Rules differ between different municipalities, but in general, any given permit applies only for a specific address, and for a specific user. So your family member will want to contact their local police to update.

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@davey_d​ Yes, the alarm permit (apologies). I will have them speak with their local police. Thank you.

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