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Tuesday, June 4th, 2024 5:04 PM

Monitoring Plans for two activated SS3 base stations, one SimpliSafe account

If I have two base stations activated in my one SimpliSafe account, at different addresses and purchase 5 cameras, 3 at address one and 2 at address two, can I subscribe to a single Self Monitor Plan with Camera Record and register all 5 cameras in the single plan? Or must I subscribe to two Plans?

How many Standard Monitoring plans would I need to subscribe to under the same situation (two base stations, one account) if I were to upgrade?  Same question for Fast Protect Monitoring Plans?

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1 month ago

Hi @indyolin, 

One way to think of the Base Station is that it is the SimpliSafe system, and all of your sensors and cameras report to it. Since you have two Base Stations/locations on your one account, you would need to subscribe each one to its own monitoring plan, so there would be 2 plans total. 

This is the same no matter what monitoring plan you are subscribed to. So if you wanted to upgrade to either the Standard Monitoring or Fast Protect™ monitoring plans, each Base Station would need to be subscribed to their own plan.

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