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Monday, August 1st, 2022 7:23 PM

Monitoring Center

Does SimpliSafe still use COPS for the monitoring? I saw an article that SimpliSafe built some customer monitoring centers, so am wondering if those are the new monitoring centers now instead of COPS.. 




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2 years ago

@rvanvalken ah, a fellow "reader" on the internet. Yes,  you read it right, and there is a thread here in the community where I cautioned SS to tread slowly, as this has to be implemented 110%, as property and lives will depend on it. At this time COPS is still being exclusively used, as far as I am aware. SS built their first, and only, monitoring facility in NC with their Customer Call Center and are gearing up.

I was as clear, and as blunt as I could (originally from the NY area and I am known sometimes being a bit too direct) to SS they can't screw this up.

Davey, great question asked and I will easily state that a full and forthright answer from you or someone else at SS on the current status is due. The "Sorry, can't talk about it now" won't cut it, especially since this in the public domain. Good enough for a news reporter, good enough for someone in authority to write about it in the community.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


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