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Tuesday, April 16th, 2024 2:15 AM

Monitoring Center Camera Access Is A Lie

Had anyone had their alarm trigger and after the monitoring center calls, you ask if they see anything on the cameras? What response did you get? When I asked, they told me they don't have access to the cameras so they can't see what's going on. Isn't this false advertising on SimpliSafe's part? I'm paying for a service that they not only don't but also can't provide. My plan clearly says "Video Verification" and that definitely is not the level of service I'm getting! Should I demand a refund and monthly price adjustment until the service I'm paying for becomes available? Should I contact an attorney?  Any thoughts?



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1 month ago

@ksd202 I would call support and ask for a manager to discuss this with you in detail.  I have 3 Smart Alarm cameras and the Fast Protect monitoring, and being from "Missouri New Jersey" I tested it. Set my systems to "Home" via the phone app in the small area not covered on my 1st floor and once the alarm sounded started to walk across my living room.  I was challenged by a SS monitoring agent, asked not to move and to identify myself. I gave a name, and then asked why was I there...I then said it was a test, my real name and safe word.   Yes, I could hear the annoyance in her tone but she remained verbally polite and professional. Thanked her for her time and shut the system off.  

Worked as advertised.

After you speak with SS please post your outcome here. As far as the attorney.....really?

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