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Saturday, January 16th, 2021 9:04 PM

Monitoring Calls

False Alarms


My system has alerted the police three time, without any obvious reason why.  No one called to see if it was a false alarm - what are my expectations here?  First of all, is there a log of alerts and what triggered them?  If I get a water sensor alert, someone calls.  Why no call for false alarms?

I just recently noticed the panic button on the keypad (great documentation there!) - could that trigger the dispatch?

I just need someone to outline the specifics for any scenarios that may happen please.

Les Short



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4 years ago

@lesshort suggest you immediately disable the panic button option on your keypads and panic button and call SS support immediately to troubleshoot and if necessary get them replaced.

As far as the process on monitoring, the dispatch center should call you in all instances, except for panic alarms. Again, please call support as soon as possible to troubleshoot potential hardware issues and to walk you through the dispatch process.

Community Admin


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4 years ago

Hi @lesshort,

Captain11 is right that it may be best to call into our Support so that we can go over the details on your account to see exactly what transpired, but I'd be happy to go over some of the processes with respect to when you should receive a call from the monitoring center.

The first thing to know is that there are generally five types of alarms:

  • Burglar (Entry, Motion, Glassbreak)
  • Life-Safety (Smoke, Carbon Monoxide)
  • Environmental (Water, Temperature)
  • Panic
  • Duress

The monitoring center has a different procedure for each of these. The most common alarm type is the Burglar alarm, which you will not receive a call for if the system is disarmed within 30 seconds. If the system is not disarmed within 30 seconds, the monitoring center will call and will dispatch the police if we are unable to verify your Safeword. Life-Safety alarms will always result in a call from the monitoring center however we only need verbal confirmation that you are ok and do not need to verify the safeword. Without verbal confirmation that you are ok, emergency responders will be dispatched. Environmental alarms also do not require verification of your Safeword as they will never result in dispatch. Panic alarms, like Life-Safety alarms, will always result in a call from the monitoring center, but we do require the Safeword otherwise the emergency responders will be dispatched. Duress alarms are different from all other types in that they do not trigger any type of audible alert from your SimpliSafe system, nor will they result in a call from the monitoring center. In addition, Duress alarms will not show up on a user's timeline. When we receive a Duress alarm, we immediately dispatch the police to your location.

If the police have been getting dispatched to your home without the siren going off or receiving a call from the monitoring company, then it sounds like we may have received Duress alarms from your system. Duress signals can be triggered in a couple of different ways. The standalone panic button can be set to trigger Duress alarms any time that it is pressed through the Device's settings no your system. The other way that a Duress alarm can be triggered is through the use of a Duress PIN. This special PIN is primarily used when someone is forcing you to disarm your system at the Keypad however it can also be triggered through the PIN Pad that comes with the SimpliSafe Smart Lock.

SimpliSafe Social Team
SimpliSafe Home Security



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3 years ago

@Team S.Thanks for the reply here in the forums for Les, but the panic dispatches can be dangerous and politely suggest this deserves a proactive outbound call by SS, today.
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