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Saturday, August 28th, 2021 1:11 AM

Making account changes

I should be able to mange (start/stop) monitoring from my account dashboard. Instead I have to scour the account pages, website, drop down menus, in other words, spend a lot of time looking for something that I now think doesn't exist. I want to terminate monitoring in a location I no longer occupy. Is that so hard?

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3 years ago

You're right, it doesn't exist on line.  It's not hard to do, you MUST call, give your safe word and it will be handled immediately.

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2 years ago

The 60 day return policy is really a 45 day return policy because it starts the day you order your items.  These days that can take 15-25 days to receive your items limiting your return to 35 days or less.  If it is a gift and you decide to open it 10 days later, when you go to return it unopened customer service tells you that you are beyond your 60 day return window and you can not return it for any refund.

I purchased 4 units and sent them to young family members.  When I attempted to return one of the units because the kids had installed their own system, I was told that I was outside of the Simplisafe return window even though the box had never been opened. 

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