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Thursday, June 17th, 2021 1:22 AM

Lower "grace period"?

Is there a way to lower the "grace period" in when you disarm the system within 30 seconds of an alarm you don't get a call?



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3 years ago

@tech_aiden I am not quite sure I know what you mean, however, you can lower the entry delay in away mode below 30 seconds by calling SS, provide your safe word and ask them to lower it to whatever value you want. For home entry, you can go to 0 if you want.

if you are asking about disptach not calling if they receive your pin code within 30 seconds, that one you will have to ask SS.

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3 years ago

Hi tech_aiden,

No, unfortunately the dispatch Grade Period is set at the Monitoring Company end, and was decided based on national regulations. So it can't be modified.

- Johnny M.
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