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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 3:47 PM

Last night my alarm was triggered at 2AM, but there was no phone call

My alarm triggered when the magnet of the entry sensor fell off from where it was mounted.  After my 30 second HOME delay, the alarm was triggered, it woke me up, and I ran to turn it off.

I was expecting a phone call, but I didn't get one.  This would have triggered a phone call from my previous security company.  What is happening?

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3 years ago

If you turned it off within 30 sec COPS considers it a false alarm and will (usually) not call.



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3 years ago

@christopher.lam  Ronsec beat me to the punch as I kept getting an error when I tried to post.

In any event, another consideration is why do you have the 30 second delay on your entry sensors? All of mine are on instant triggers (all sensors) except for my kitchen door where we enter the house.  Even there, for exit/entry delays in home mode, it is set to 0/0 on our SS3 system. You may want to consider changing this setting.

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how do you set the delays for each sensor?  i only see a system wide settings for "enter" and "exit" delays

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3 years ago

That is the reason my sensors are screwed to the wall, no chance of that happening here. If it fell off while you were not at home you would have most likely gotten a police response.  Using the sticky tape is just asking for a false alarm.

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3 years ago

Hi @christopher.lam,

While you can't currently set custom Entry Delays on a per-sensor basis, you can do so for each mode as you mentioned. In addition to that, you can set individual sensors to "Instant Trigger". This setting, which can be found under the Device Settings, overrides the Entry Delay for that specific sensor, in essence setting it to 0 seconds. While we don't recommend using "Instant Trigger" for the Entry Sensors on commonly used doors for entering the home, or for Motion Sensors that have those doors within their sight, this can be a handy option for Entry Sensors on windows, Glassbreak Sensors, and Motion Sensors further into the home where the system can be disarmed at the Keypad before entering the Motion Sensor's field of view.

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