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Thursday, May 19th, 2022 4:47 AM

Incomplete Activation

Hi there. My name is Ally and I am new to SimpliSafe. I've already set up the devices but I am having issues with the app. When I go to add my payment information, my emergency contacts, etc,  the app flashes, immediately closing and then reopening with everything deleted. I'm setting up from an iPhone SE. I have powered off and on my phone, I've deleted the app, re downloaded it and I have even tried exiting the app and coming back inside. I leave early for work and I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue? If you have any suggestions, I am all ears! Thanks! 

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2 years ago

@avanthof1 Hi Ally. Welcome to the SS community, and will say after being a SS customer for 10+ years you will love your new SS3 system and Simplisafe as a company.  No, never had the issues you are experiencing but do have this recommendation: Pick up cell phone, skip the app and call SS Support. Open every day of the year and while you leave early for work they are open until midnight eastern. They will be more than happy to look at your account and walk you through the set up, even enter the information for you.  888-910-1458. Also, realize they will have to verify you are who you say you are through their verification process.

Please post your experience here after you call if you get the chance.  Have a great week. 


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@captain11​ Thank you for that advice. I did speak with a cs rep earlier this evening. She had expressed that it is a known issue they are trying to find a resolve for. She was able to set everything up on her end and even help me get a little bit of extra free time to use the SS system, as I am having some serious issues in my low income complex. It's great to hear you've felt safe with this company for the past 10+ years! 

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2 years ago

Hi @avanthof1 ,

Apologies for the experience. It sounds like the app is crashing. Could you tell me what version of the SimpliSafe app you have? You can find that info in the Settings app, by navigating to General > iPhone Storage > SimpliSafe.

In the meantime, the captain is right. Our Support team can look into your account and make sure that your signup is complete.

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@davey_d​ Whatever the most up to date simplisafe app is available for download via ios in the app store is what I have. And I did get the help I needed. Thanks! 

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